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Conference cards, name badges, lanyards from recycled plastic and much more!

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Simplicity Matters​

Ticketbutler offers a range of services to elevate your event game. But we’re all about making it your way – Mix and match to suit your preferences and needs.

Seamless Name Badge Printing for Tech Events
Badge Print Perfect

At Ticketbutler, simplicity defines our approach, the Name Badge printer is no exception. The setup isn’t just easy as plug-and-play – with no cables required, it’s simply just ‘n’play’. Swift, hassle-free shipping across borders ensures a seamless experience. Enjoy the ease and speed of managing check-ins and distributing name badges effortlessly

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Adventure awaits at every turn
Worldwide Confidence

Embraced by event organizers across the globe, Ticketbutler’s Name Badge Printer has earned a reputation as the go-to solution for seamless event management. With its footprint across 31 countries and 5 continents, this trusted device has become a staple in elevating event experiences.

The name badge printer has traveled far and wide, spanning countries like: 

🇬🇧 🇭🇰 🇪🇸 🇳🇴  🇩🇪 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 🇮🇹 🇸🇪 🇳🇱 🇵🇱 🇳🇴 🇩🇰 🇫🇮 🇱🇹 🇱🇻 🇧🇪 🇨🇭 🇫🇷
🇨🇿 🇮🇪 🇦🇹 🇪🇪 🇸🇮 🇵🇹 🇸🇰 🇭🇺 🇷🇴 🇨🇾 🇲🇰 🇹🇷 🇷🇸 🇭🇰

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A word from the customers:

Mikkel Bendixen
Mikkel Bendixen@Tech BBQ
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"We checked in 4,500 people and had no queue whatsoever. It's such a simple system; our volunteers instantly knew how to use it. I'm so happy we started this partnership."
Radka Jančíková
Radka Jančíková @SaaSock
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"Our annual conference in Dublin attracts over 5,000 attendees so we needed an efficient, modern and cost-effective solution to ensure a seamless attendee experience. Ticketbutler was always on hand to answer any questions and provided great on-site support. We will definitely be continuing our partnership on future events."
Justyna Skop
Justyna Skop@Crane Venture Partners LLP
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"Ticketbutler have had a profound impact on streamlining our ticketing process, ensuring seamless operations. They have garned praise from both our team and costumers, greatly enhancing the overall event experience for all."
Everything you need
Your One-Stop Shop

At Ticketbutler, we’re not just about printing your guests’ name badges. Elevate your event with custom-branded lanyards made from recycled paper or plastic, conference cards featuring the day’s program, or how about our bestseller: plantable name badges?

Conference Cards & Lanyards

Custom-Shaped Name badges

Plantable Name Badges

At Ticketbutler, we’re dedicated to greening up the event industry. All ‘future friendly’ event articles are manufactured in the EU. 

The Lead Retrieval App
Scan & Collect leads

Empower Your Tech Conference Networking with Ticketbutler’s Lead Retrieval App!

Effortlessly scan QR codes on attendees’ badges to instantly access their contact details. Our user-friendly app allows you to add notes, rate leads, and access vital info promptly. Revolutionize lead collection and maximize networking at your tech event today!

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Scan 📸

Scan the participants' name badges and collect personal information easily and quickly.


note 🔥

Add notes to the specific participant and rate the warmth of the lead.


Search 📖

View and search for all scanned leads in the Lead Retrieval App.


Export ✉️

With Ticketbutler's Lead Retrieval App, you can easily export the collected leads to your email.

Case Studies
Elevate Your Tech Conference

Discover our tech event success stories! Dive into our array of engaging case studies showcasing how Ticketbutler transformed tech events into seamless experiences.

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