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Case study: TechBBQ

Back in September 2021, 4,500 guests were checked in to Scandinavia’s largest tech and innovation event, TechBBQ. An event of that size would usually draw long lines at the check-in counter. But not this time around…

No bottlenecks in sight

Getting just a tiny bit anxious when planning how event attendees are checked-in is completely natural. Waiting in long bottleneck queues can make guests both irritated and frustrated. Ticketbutler and TechBBQ crushed this fear together when they back in September 2022 checked in a whole 4,500 guests – without any queuing at all! 

When the guests turned up at the registration entrance, they were checked in and handed a name badge and a programme before entering the venue, which had been transformed into a colorful and futuristic tech universe. 

So, how was it that there was no queuing? Well, everything was planned out and tested well before the event.

just a handful of volunteers

volunteers a single training session, introducing them to Ticketbutler’s free check-in app and the Ticketbutler name badge printer. The rest was smooth sailing from there.

The simple system of scanning a ticket and having a name tag printed automatically was intuitive enough for the volunteers to subsequently pass on their new knowledge to other volunteers that hadn’t attended the training. This also meant that new volunteers could immediately start both checking in attendees, as well as handing out name badges and a programme.

One system to embrace them all

In addition to Ticketbutler’s ticketing system, check-in app and name badge printer, TechBBQ chose Ticketbutler as a one-stop-shop to handle high-quality event cards, lanyards in recycled plastic as well as branded stickers.

Could you use some inspiration on how to ensure a good check-in flow? Contact Ticketbutler now and get a non-binding offer for a simple solution that will benefit both you and your guests!

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