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Boosting Event Efficiency

A Case Study on Ticketbutler's Impact at the NDC Conference in Oslo

Discover how NDC Conference leveraged Ticketbutler’s cutting-edge technology to streamline event operations. From seamless check-in with their name badge printer to efficient lead management using the Lead Retrieval app. 

Welcome to the case study of NDC Conference for Software Developers, where we delve into their successful event execution and highlight the crucial role played by Ticketbutler’s innovative solutions. Discover how NDC Conference harnessed the power of Ticketbutler’s name badge printer and Lead Retrieval app to streamline operations, enhance attendee experiences, and elevate their event to new heights.

The story in short:

  • ●  Personalized name badges with unique QR codes
  • ●  Seamless check-in process for over 2500 attendees
  • ●  Enhanced networking and lead generation capabilities
  • ●  Streamlined data collection with Ticketbutler Lead Retrieval app
  • ●  Positive feedback from event organizers and partners


NDC, Empowering Software Developers Worldwide

NDC Conference, with its origins dating back to 2008, has evolved into a global phenomenon, organizing conferences in major cities worldwide. Their flagship event, NDC Oslo, attracts software developers from around the globe, offering a unique platform for learning, networking, and collaboration. In this case study, we focus on NDC Oslo 2023, a much-anticipated event taking place at Oslo Spektrum.

Jacob Bradford
Jacob Bradford@General Manager at NDC Conferences
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TicketButler is a fast, reliable, and user-friendly ticket badge system. What else could you possibly ask for?

Streamlining The Check-in Process

One of the critical aspects of event management is ensuring a smooth check-in process for attendees. NDC Conference partnered with Ticketbutler to implement the state-of-the-art name badge printer. This fast, reliable, and user-friendly solution simplified the check-in process, allowing nearly 2500 attendees to effortlessly collect their personalized name badges. 

Each guest was equipped with a personalized name badge featuring a unique QR code. Find out how this innovative feature enhanced attendee experience and facilitated seamless interactions below.

Read more about the Ticketbutler name badge printer HERE.

Lead Management With The Lead Retrieval App

In addition to the name badge printer, NDC Conference leveraged Ticketbutler’s Lead Retrieval app to streamline lead management during the event. Exhibitors and partners were equipped with the app, which enabled them to effortlessly scan the QR codes on the attendee name badges and instantly access valuable contact information. This innovative solution eliminated the need for manual data collection, saving time and improving the efficiency of lead generation efforts.

Want to know more about the Ticketbutler Lead Retrieval app? Read more HERE.

Heather Fabela
Heather Fabela@Partner Responsible at NDC Conferences
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I am really pleased to have Ticketbutler Lead Retrieval in place – it is an improvement from our former provider, for sure, IMO.


The partnership between NDC Conference and Ticketbutler exemplifies how the right event management solutions can revolutionize operations and enhance attendee experiences. Through the seamless integration of Ticketbutler’s name badge printer and Lead Retrieval app, NDC Conference empowered their partners, exhibitors, and attendees while optimizing their event processes.

Embrace the power of Ticketbutler for your upcoming events and unlock the potential for efficient, seamless, and successful experiences.

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