Offer your guests carbon offsetting when they purchase tickets to your events.

Events & Carbon Offsetting

As a responsible event organiser, you might have thought about how your events impact the environment. With carbon offsetting, you can give your ticket buyers a chance to shrink their CO2 footprint. Every time they buy a ticket to your event, they can support eco-friendly projects that help offset carbon emissions. A win-win for everyone!

Ongoing Climate Projects

Ticketbutler’s event carbon offset initiative is in collaboration with Climaider,
backing two amazing climate projects that make a real impact.

Project 1: Climaider Forest, Madagascar

In collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects, Climaider will plant approximately 2.5 million new trees in Madagascar within the next few years, creating our members’ very own forest.

Project 2: Efficient Stoves, East Africa​

Production and distribution of climate-friendly stoves in East Africa to combat carbon emissions and enhance quality of life through cleaner cooking.

Find out more at en.climaider.com/klimaprojekter

Together, we can make a difference

We’re all about creating a better future for the event industry through sustainability and responsibility. At Ticketbutler, we’ve got a vision to make event planning easy and eco-friendly. By offering carbon offsetting with your ticket sales, you’re teaming up with us to take a big leap towards hosting more sustainable events. Let’s make a positive impact together!


When you offer carbon offsetting, you’re not just cutting down your CO2 footprint, but also telling your attendees loud and clear that you care about the environment and sustainability. It’s a chance to boost your brand and show that you’re an event organiser who walks the talk for a better future. Be a green leader and make a real difference!