We are proud to announce that in 2022, Ticketbutler has fully compensated for 105% of our total CO2 emissions. Read more about our efforts to move the event industry towards a greener future here.

Ticketbutler has climate compensated 105% of the company's CO2 footprint in 2022.
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Welcome to Ticketbutler’s Sustainability Page. Here, we delve into our own CO2 footprint, our products, and the initiatives we’ve undertaken to contribute to a more sustainable event industry. We believe that even small steps can lead to significant change, and we’re proud to share our journey towards a greener future with you.

& Sustainability

We take pride in being more than just a ticketing and event system. We believe that sustainability and responsibility play a crucial role in shaping a better future for the event industry. On this page, we share our efforts to minimize our CO2 footprint and take responsibility for our environmental impact. In collaboration with Climaider, we have crafted a report meticulously calculating our CO2 footprint, and we are thrilled to announce that we offset 105% of our footprint in 2022.

*The report is currently only available in Danish.

Our CO2 report, developed in collaboration with ClimAider, is a comprehensive calculation of Ticketbutler’s carbon footprint, encompassing our activities and processes. However, it’s important to note that this report does not constitute a complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of our products.

Ticketbutler's Event Products

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our products. We take pride in producing all our event-related items, including plantable name tags, keyhangers, and more, within the EU as part of our environmental policy. This not only ensures high quality but also reduces our carbon footprint by minimizing transportation distances.

100% Recycled Plastic or Paper?

Hang your guests’ name tags on paper or recycled plastic key hangers. Our alternative choices to traditional event items are not only produced with quality in mind but also with a focus on reducing our use of virgin plastic. We’re making it easier for you to make your event more sustainable.

Give your guests a blooming memory

Let your guests cultivate your event! In Ticketbutler’s webshop, you can choose plantable name badges with tomato or chamomile seeds. After the event, your guests can plant their name badges and watch them grow into beautiful plants. A green twist that brings joy.

Print the Necessary Quantity – No More

When using Ticketbutler’s name badge printer, there’s no need to waste resources. Our innovative printer ensures that you only print the exact number of name badges you require. This efficient approach not only saves time and effort but also contributes to reducing unnecessary waste. With Ticketbutler, you’re in control, ensuring a more sustainable event experience for both organizers and attendees.

Safe Shipping Without Waste

Our foam boxes are designed to ensure the safe arrival of your name badge printers while being recyclable to reduce resource waste. Each box has space for two printers, lanyards, and name badges.

Ticket Purchase
& Carbon Offsetting

Through our partnership with Climaider, we offer a unique opportunity for your ticket buyers to offset the carbon footprint of your event when they purchase tickets through Ticketbutler. Our shared vision is to contribute to a greener event industry and make it effortless for you as an organizer to take a step towards more sustainable events. Together, we’re making a positive impact on the environment, one ticket at a time.

Ticketbutler's Green Initiatives

Prioritizing Sustainability


Transportation Method
Our employees mostly commute to work by cycling, as many live close to the office.

Remote Work
The freedom to work from home reduces the need for transportation, especially for employees who live far away.

GLS handles our shipments, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Learn more HERE.

For shipping name badge printers, we use reusable foam and paper solutions to minimize environmental impact.


3D Printing
We employ 3D-printed printer enclosures, avoiding the need for molds and ensuring production only as needed.

These enclosures are locally fabricated and assembled using biodegradable PLA material.

Other Manufacturing
Our consumables like keyhangers, event cards, paper, and foam are produced within the EU, reducing transportation distances.

Our event cards are certified by sustainable organizations.

We contribute to a more sustainable future by paying an environmental contribution of 75 DKK per order when event cards are ordered.


Plantable Name Tags
Plantable name tags made from surplus material from the textile industry, infused with chamomile or tomato seeds.

All of our lanyards are made from recycled plastic.

We encourage our customers to actively recycle lanyards by collecting them after the event.

We upcycle old floppy disks and use them as an alternative to traditional name tags.

We offer ticket buyers the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint when purchasing tickets.

Name Tag Printer
Our name tag printer only prints the necessary number of labels for the attendees of the event.