Case study: SaaStock Dublin

How do you master your tech conference check-in for an outstanding first impression and unforgettable experience?

Discover how SaaStock found the modern, lightning-fast check-in solution they were searching for.

  • Challenge:  Check in 5000 guests and equip them with personalized, branded name badges without creating a bottleneck.
  • Solution: Integration among cutting-edge event solutions, Ticketbutler, Tito, and Brella. Satellite events with pre-registration scattered throughout Dublin. Lanyards and conference cards assambled before the event. Name badges printed on demand. Self-check-in.
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Case Study:

SaaSock Dublin


RDS Main Hall


17-18 October 2023






Tech, Software

Headquarters location:


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SaaStock, a renowned tech expo in Dublin boasting around 5000 attendees, is dedicated to accelerating SaaS founders and their teams towards faster scaling.

However, like many tech conferences and events, they faced challenges. Learn how Saastock transformed their check-in process using Ticketbutler to enhance the event experience.

"Our annual conference in Dublin attracts over 5,000 attendees so we needed an efficient, modern and cost-effective solution to ensure a seamless attendee experience."

Pre-Registration Across Dublin

How SaaStock Killed the queue

Instead of checking in all 5000 guests at their main conference and risking the creation of a massive queue, SaaStock ensured pre-registration when attendees participated in SaaStock’s satellite events in the days leading up to big conference, Saastock Dublin.

When guests registered for SaaStock’s satellite events, a personalized name badge was automatically printed, which attendees could later use at the SaaStock main conference.

This was elegantly solved using Ticketbutler’s battery-powered name badge printer, which doesn’t require Wi-Fi and is incredibly portable due to its small size, making it extremely convenient in situations like this.

Customized Selections

How SaaStock Picked the Best Fit

SaaStock partnered with Ticketbutler to optimize their event logistics. Ticketbutler provided essential tools: compact name badge printers for on-demand badge printing, tablets to facilitate registration and attendee management, and self-scanners that streamlined check-in by scanning mobile tickets.

Moreover, Ticketbutler facilitated seamless integration between the ticketing platform Tito, the networking app Brella, and its own platform.

This integration enabled the printer to directly print the guests’ names from Tito’s registrations, while also incorporating the printing of a QR code on the name badges, enabling their usage within the Brella app.

While Ticketbutler offers a comprehensive ticketing and event management system, SaaStock had established partnerships with preferred software providers like Tito and Brella. Leveraging Ticketbutler’s versatility, the organizer seamlessly integrated their favorite features from each system. This integration allowed for a harmonious blend of functionalities, ensuring a tailored and efficient event management process.

Key Learnings:

"Throughout the whole journey, the Ticketbutler team was always on hand to answer any questions and provided great on-site support. We will definitely be continuing our partnership with them on our future events."

Saastock's Journey

The Transformational Voyage

SaaStock embarked on a journey of system selection, seeking the ideal mix to amplify their event management. With existing alliances in place and a need for seamless integration, SaaStock navigated through Ticketbutler’s name badge solutions, Tito’s ticketing platform, and Brella’s networking app.

  • Assessing Needs: SaaStock identified specific requirements for their event management.
  • Tailored Solutions: SaaStock cherry-picked preferred features from each system.
  • Ticketbutler’s Versatility: Ticketbutler’s adaptable system seamlessly facilitated integration among SaaStock’s preferred platforms.
  • Harmonious Integration: The integration resulted in a cohesive and efficient event management setup.

Key Learnings:

  • Collect in Advance: The organizer gathered lanyards and conference cards before guests arrived for check-in. This saved them time during the actual check-in process, where they simply had to affix the automatically printed name label onto the conference card before granting access to the guest.
  • Pre-registration: Ticketbutler’s battery-powered name tag printer made it easy to conduct pre-registration in the days leading up to the conference, preventing queues at Saastock Dublin
  • The Printer Preparation: Ticketbutler’s “plug-and-play” printer solution saved the organizer time in preparation. Requiring no wires – it was actually  just “and play” – allowing them to simply wait for guests to arrive.
  • Name Badges On-demand: Upon arrival of SaaStock participants, the staff only needed to scan their ticket or locate the attendee through Ticketbutler’s app to instantly print their name badge. This ensured a smooth flow and minimized queuing at all times.
  • Self-scanners: With Ticketbutler, SaaStock offered their guests the option to self-check-in by allowing them to scan their tickets and attach the automatically printed name label onto their conference cards themselves. This prevented queues and saved SaaStock employees’ time at the entrance.

A Personalized Experience

SaaStock's Tech Event Revolution

SaaStock’s journey toward an optimized event management setup showcased Ticketbutler’s pivotal role in revolutionizing their check-in process. By leveraging Ticketbutler’s innovative solutions, including pre-registration initiatives, on-demand badge printing, and seamless integrations even with competitors like Tito and Brella, SaaStock successfully navigated a transformative path. The streamlined check-in process, empowered by Ticketbutler’s versatile tools, not only averted queues but also offered attendees a seamless and personalized experience. Through strategic adaptations and the amalgamation of preferred features from multiple platforms, SaaStock achieved an unparalleled synergy in their event logistics. Overall, Ticketbutler’s collaborative approach and adaptable systems empowered SaaStock to curate a standout tech conference, marking a significant milestone in their event management journey

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A word from the customers:

Mikkel Bendixen
Mikkel Bendixen@Tech BBQ
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"We checked in 4,500 people and had no queue whatsoever. It's such a simple system; our volunteers instantly knew how to use it. I'm so happy we started this partnership."
Radka Jančíková
Radka Jančíková @SaaSock
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"Our annual conference in Dublin attracts over 5,000 attendees so we needed an efficient, modern and cost-effective solution to ensure a seamless attendee experience. Ticketbutler was always on hand to answer any questions and provided great on-site support. We will definitely be continuing our partnership on future events."
Justyna Skop
Justyna Skop@Crane Venture Partners LLP
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"Ticketbutler have had a profound impact on streamlining our ticketing process, ensuring seamless operations. They have garned praise from both our team and costumers, greatly enhancing the overall event experience for all."
David Vete, Ticketbutler
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