About Ticketbutler

Why do the world need another ticketing system?

Who is Ticketbutler?

You might already know Eventbrite, Billetto, Ticketmaster or one of the other giant ticketing companies. And do you know why? Because of their brand get smashed into your face, when you buy a ticket. If you sign up for the newsletter, it is the ticketing company newsletter you sign up for. The ticketing company utilizes your data. It is the company behind the giant ticketing systems need that is satisfied. Ticketbutler is an alternative to the giant ticketing companies and we want to satisfy your needs. Your brand is in focus. The data is yours. It is your needs that we satisfy and are in the center. Our own Danish developers use the most stable and modern technologies, we got world-class service, and vi can accommodate your needs no matter if you are a startup or a corporate. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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  • AddressEsplanaden 7,1263 København K
  • Phone+45 89 80 12 80
  • General enquiries[email protected]